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50 Slang Terms for Money

50 Slang Terms for Money 50 Slang Terms for Money 50 Slang Terms for Money By Mark Nichol I find very little about money to be interesting, other than counting my own, but I’ve noted that there’s a rich fund of slang terms for money that can help enliven both casual and more serious content about currency and finance. Here’s a roster of slang synonyms in plural form for words for US currency in particular, many of which are useful for playful references to money or as options for evoking a historical period in fiction by using contemporary idiom: 1. Bank: money 2. Benjamins: a one-hundred-dollar bill (in reference to the portrait of Benjamin Franklin that distinguishes it) 3. Big ones: multiples of one thousand dollars 4. Bills: multiples of one hundred dollars 5. Bones: dollars (origin unknown) 6. Bread: money in general (on the analogy of it being a staple of life) 7. Bucks: dollars (perhaps from a reference to buckskins, or deerskins, which were once used as currency) 8. Cabbage: paper money (from its color) 9. Cheddar (or chedda): money (origin unknown, but perhaps from the concept of cheese distributed by the government to welfare recipients) 10. Clams: dollars (perhaps from the onetime use of seashells as currency) 11. Coin: money, either paper or coinage 12-13. Cs (or C-notes): multiples of one hundred dollars (from the Roman symbol for â€Å"one hundred†) 14. Dead presidents: paper money (from the portraits of various former US presidents that usually distinguish bills of various denominations) 15. Dime: ten dollars (by multiplication of the value of the ten-cent coin) 16. Dough: money in general (akin to the usage of bread) 17-18. Doubles (or dubs): twenty-dollar bills 19. Ducats: money (from the Italian coin) 20. Fins: five-dollar bills (perhaps from the shared initial sound with fives) 21. Five-spots: five-dollar bills 22. Fivers: five-dollar bills 23. Folding stuff: paper money 24. Greenbacks: paper money (from the color of the ink) 25. Gs: thousand-dollar bills (an abbreviation for grand) 26. Grand: one thousand dollars (as in â€Å"three grand† for â€Å"three thousand dollars†) 27. Large: thousand-dollar bills 28. Lettuce: paper money (from its color) 29. Long green: paper money (from its shape and color) 30. Loot: money (originally denoted goods obtained illicitly or as the spoils of war) 31. Lucre: money or profit (from the biblical expression â€Å"filthy lucre,† meaning â€Å"ill-gained money†) 32. Moola (or moolah): money (origin unknown) 33. Nickel: five dollars (by multiplication of the value of the five-cent coin) 34. Ones: dollars (also, fives for â€Å"five-dollar bills,† tens for â€Å"ten-dollar bills,† and so on) 35. Quarter: twenty-five dollars (by multiplication of the value of the twenty-five-cent coin) 36. Sawbucks: ten-dollar bills (from the resemblance of X, the Roman symbol for ten, to a sawbuck, or sawhorse) 37. Scratch: money (perhaps from the idea that one has to struggle as if scratching the ground to obtain it) 38. Shekels: dollars (from the biblical currency) 39. Simoleons: dollars (perhaps from a combination of simon, slang for the British sixpence and later the American dollar, and napoleon, a form of French currency) 40. Singles: one-dollar bills 41. Skrilla: money (origin unknown) 42. Smackers: dollars (origin unknown) 43. Spondulix: money (either from spondylus, a Greek word for a shell once used as currency, or from the prefix spondylo-, which means â€Å"spine† or â€Å"vertebra†; these have a common etymology) 44. Stacks: multiples of a thousand dollars 45. Tenners: ten-dollar bills 46. Ten-spots: ten-dollar bills 47. Two bits: twenty-five cents (a reference to pieces of eight, divisible sections of a Mexican real, or dollar) 48. Wad: a bundle of paper money 49. Wampum: money (from the Native American term wampumpeag, referring to native currency) 50. Yards: one hundred dollars There are, of course, many other terms, dated or current, including borrowings of foreign terms like dinero. What did I miss (or omit)? Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:When to use "on" and when to use "in"What's a Male Mistress?Threw and Through

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Business Complaint Letter

1234 Orange Street Small Building, Ohio 01234 July 1, 2005 Mr. Steve Smith Manager of Customer Service En Corporation Coolville, Suite 222 111 Fountain Drive Happy, NH 98765 RE: EnCorp Credit Cards: 111 222 333 4 555 XX 12 Years Credit card holder. Prior to that, it was the owner of the Rose Card for over 22 years. When EnCorp bought or acquired Rose 9 years ago, it seems that the company and credit card conversion seems to be remembered smoothly and seamlessly. For any large enterprise, claim letters are what they do everyday. By doing this, you can write a complaint letter more comfortably without worrying that you are the only claim letter. The following reasons are part of the most common reasons, but if your reasons are not on this list, please tell us your complaint. Perhaps I would like to complain about the same thing, but there are thousands of people who are not confident in writing it. If you write a complaint letter, it may help many others. The definition of claim letter s can be explained in various ways. The complaint is part of written communication. Generally, complaints are letters written to complain to the authorities. This is usually the case when there are other ways to complain when phones, e-mails, etc. fail. However, here we provide definitions of complaints notice in a formal way. In modern times, the commercial chain is not limited to the boundary of the country. As the business grows, its complexity also expands. Therefore, mistakes and mistakes are not strange in the business world. Damages to expired goods, poor quality or inadequate goods, inappropriate packaging, delivery after the specified date, and other shipment items may be incorrect. In the above situation, the buyer should suffer economic losses, so there is good reason to ask the seller for compensation. Businesses where sales and service provision are important are complaints. Claims can occur not only when the quality of goods and services are low, but also when the orde r is ambiguous, when there is a mistake in invoicing, shipping mistakes, processing of orders is very delayed. A letter of complaint should not be written in complaint or anger of mistake. The best way is not to react orally or in writing immediately. This letter should be written quietly based on facts. Unnecessary generality should not be made. Errors / errors should be clearly identified. It is necessary to take proactive measures against complaints. You can not associate a complaint with a previous complaint

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Watergate Scandal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Watergate Scandal - Essay Example Edward M. Kennedy and a young woman’s death. Remarkable of this incident is that it engulfed the U.S President Richard M. Nixon and many of his followers in an array range of illegal acts and hence triggered the resignation of the president who ended as â€Å"one of the sorriest spectacles in [U.S] national experience,†1 as a journalist from the New York Times put it. According to many investigations, the burglary has been carried out by five men who were later captured in the Democratic National Committee Watergate hotel. This serious incident garnered little media attention, yet it should be pointed out that two dedicated reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, both of whom were working for the Washington Post played, particularly, critical roles and managed somehow to uncover the president’s sponsored plan of espionage to discredit Democratic candidates. In addition to the reporters, another man called Sussman was directly involved in the Post’s effort to reveal and unveil the truth in the face of the general apathy by the press and the public and the White House pressures. Sussman cleverly remarked that the mass media, namely the press, was just not much concerned with the Watergate issue at the very beginning; however, the Post did its best and utmost to unearth the scandal. Sussman added that even the Congress repeatedly attempted to avoid if not ignore the Watergate Issue. He wrote that an â€Å"overwhelming number of congressmen had consistently turned their backs on Watergate until it surrounded them. They were still reluctant to deal with it, hoping Nixon would solve what was becoming their dilemma.†2 No doubt the Watergate scandal aroused considerable interest in how scandals are covered and oftentimes uncovered by the mass media. Of course, none can deny that the whys and the wherefores of Watergate have been widely investigated as many scholars conducted serious investigations and surveys about it. We can mention, in this

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Financial Market Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Financial Market - Essay Example The value of the Euro to the dollar has shown the success in gaining value over the US dollar. In January 2009 the exchange rate was 1Euro/USD 1.3866, in January 2010; the rate changed to 1Euro/USD 1.4389. This upward trend shows that the Euro is getting stronger in the forex market as compared to the US dollar. In 2012, the value of exchange dropped to 1Euro/USD 1.2458. Despite this drop, the value of the Euro is still higher than that of the US dollar. The Japanese Yen is the domestic currency used in Japan. The Yen has developed a relative stability and its recent reputation has led to investors opting to use this currency as a secure investment for the dollar. In 2001 the exchange rate was 1$/Yen 121.2, in the year 2005, the Japanese Yen gained against the US dollar in the forex market where the exchange was 1$/Yen110.2. The trend continued where the Yen continued gaining against the US dollar. Even though today’s exchange rate for the Yen to the dollar is still high at 1$/Yen79.8 the Yen has shown its success by increasing its value and minimizing the spread (Euromonitor International). The Canadian dollar is also gaining popularity among the investors across various parts of the world. As part of its success, its increasing use in the forex markets has shown that investors have recognized its stability. This currency has a remarkable use in transactions and enjoys over 4% of all transactions in the foreign exchange market daily. This is remarkable success in the forex market for this currency. For instance, the exchange rate for the Canadian dollar in 2001 was 1$/CAD1.5 while in 2005, the exchange rate changed to 1USD/CAD1.2; while in 2012, the exchange rate is 1USD/CAD1.0. This shows that the Canadian dollar gained strength against the US dollar to exchange thus it can be termed as a success to the Canadian dollar at the expense of the US dollar. The Swedish dollar is the Sweden’s currency. Its transactional use is above

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Radio Waves :: physics radio wave

Radiowaves are the oscillations of magnetic waves by varying the modulation to generate different signals which can be converted into information such as sound, video, or digital communication. As these waves pass through a conductor, an alternating current is generated and this can be converted into usable information. As one could see from the picture above, radio waves are the the electromagnetic waves with wave lengthes between 1mm and 10 Mm. This converts to a frequency range of 300Ghz to 30Hz, respectively. Nearly everyone uses radio waves in some form day after day. The technologies that depend on them is vast and ever-growing. These technologies range from cordless phones and garage door openers to radar and microwave ovens. Radio is not a dead technology either. It is constantly having research devoted to it and new technologies and innovations are coming about from this research. The trend towards wireless internet and more versatile cellular phones are just some examples. Ironically, the fundamentals of radio waves is relatively simple (atleast when compared to the vast array of technologies that now implement it). Cordless phones use radio waves to allow individuals to walk around freely in their home without the need to be bound by a cord while talking over their land-based phone line. Cell phones are a miracle to modern day living. Unlike previous eras where communication was done strictly across a hard-wired telephone line, cell phones now give the freedom to those that can afford them a radio-based uplink to the rest of the world. Not only are they for voice communication, but they also allow for transmission of virtually any kind of digital data. Microwave ovens are another great invention from the 20th century. They use radio waves in a specific frequency range in which water, fat, and sugar molecules happen to absorb and convert directly into heat.

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Identify potential weaknesses from either the Aircraft Solutions or Quality Web Design Company Essay

In this phase you will choose either Aircraft Solutions or Quality Web Design as the company you will work with. The scenarios are in Doc Sharing in the Course Project select area. You will then identify potential security weaknesses. Security weaknesses – You must choose two from the following three areas (hardware, software, and policy – excluding password policies) and identify an item that requires improved security. To define the asset or policy with sufficient detail to justify your assessment, your assessment must include: * the vulnerability associated with the asset or policy * the possible threats against the asset or policy * the likelihood that the threat will occur (risk) * the consequences to mission critical business processes should the threat occur * how the organization’s competitive edge will be affected should the threat occur To clarify an item that requires improved security, you must identify one of these items: * one hardware and one software weakness * one hardware and one policy weakness * one software and one policy weakness Other required elements include: * Cover sheet * APA-style * In-text citations and Reference section * Minimum length 3 pages, maximum length 5 pages (not counting cover sheet, diagram(s), references). Do not exceed the maximum length. Phase II: the Course Project (comprised of Phase I and II) – Recommend solutions to the potential weaknesses from either the Aircraft Solutions or Quality Web Design Company In this phase of the project you will include Part I (presumably improved as needed based upon Week 3 feedback) and then you will recommend solutions for the security weaknesses you identified in the Phase I. Definition of the solution – Hardware solutions must include vendor, major specifications with an emphasis on the security features, and location of placement with diagram. Software solutions must include vendor and major specifications, with an emphasis on security features. Policy solutions must include the complete portion of the policy that addresses the weakness identified. Any outsourced solution must include the above details and the critical elements of the service level agreement. Justification – You must address the efficacy of the solution in terms of the identified threats and vulnerabilities; the cost of the solution, including its purchase (if applicable); and its implementation, including training and maintenance. Impact on business processes – You must discuss any potential positive or negative effects of the solution on business processes and discuss the need for a trade-off between security and business requirements using quantitative rather than simply qualitative statements. Other required elements include: * Cover sheet * APA-style * In-text citations and Reference section * 5 reference minimum * Minimum length of solutions: 6 pages, maximum length 10 pages (not counting cover sheet, diagram(s), references). Do not exceed the maximum length P.S. Phase 1 is done and attached. Just need help with phase 2.

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The Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered - 1170 Words

For a majority of the 20th century, the United States drinking age has been a big issue. After prohibition had concluded in 1933, twenty- one was the new legal drinking age. Meanwhile, during the Vietnam War, eighteen became the new legal drinking age. Finally in 1984, Congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act (MLDA). Since then, twenty-one years old has been the legal age to drink in the United States. There are several ways alcohol has been a reason for death such as, alcohol poisoning or drunk driving. Americans death rate has increased in the past few years for alcohol poisoning in the adolescence stage. Just because the majority of teens consume alcohol underage does not mean the legal drinking age should be lowered. Although the legal drinking age in the U.S. should stay at twenty-one years old due to small reasons such as, drinking under the influence or alcohol poisoning, the MLDA has helped teens with larger reasons such as the avoidance of tobacco, cannabinoids, opioids or club drugs. Another extensive reason why the legal drinking age should not be lowered is because of the unsafe surroundings teens would be allowed into such as bars and nightclubs. Last, exposing the brain to alcohol in the teen years will hinder the process of brain development. The MLDA has allowed teens to avoid drugs such as tobacco, cannabinoids, opioids and club drugs. Alcohol is usually the first step into the â€Å"gateway† of alcoholism or drug abuse. If teens know theShow MoreRelatedThe Legal Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered973 Words   |  4 Pages The Legal Age for Drinking Alcohol Should Not Be Lowered To 18 In the United States. Every state has the right to set its own legal drinking age. However, according to George Will in an article he wrote in the Washington Post about the legal drinking age, â€Å"drinking age paradox† â€Å"lowering the drinking age will cost the state ten percent of its federal highway funds and cause a significant uproar from contractors and construction unions.† It is therefore in the best interest of every citizenRead MoreThe Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered1732 Words   |  7 PagesThe definition of the word adult is: â€Å"a person who has attained the age of maturity as specified by law†(Dictionary.com). If this is so, then why is it that in the United States 18 year olds are legally considered adults in our society, but they can’t legally buy or consume alcohol? Yet at this age they are able to vote in an election, get married, serve on a jury, live on their own, purchase cigarettes, adopt a child, and defend our country. These are not easy tasks for one to take on, yet our governmentRead MoreThe Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered955 Words   |  4 PagesIn the United States of America, the National Government requires the states to enforce a legal drinking age of twenty-one. Where as the world average drinking age is eighteen, and in some Countries it is even lower where it is possible to get a beer at sixteen years of age. Taking that into consideration, there is a great deal of controversy in the United States on what the legal age should be to purchase and consume an alcoholic beverage. The largest issue being that you are considered to be anRead MoreThe Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered1553 Words   |  7 Pagesold male who lives in Oregon. To celebrate his 18th birthday, he decided to go out with some friends and have a few drinks. He knows that the legal drinking age is 21, but he thinks what is the harm? I am 18 and in other countries, you are allowed to drink before you turn 21. Later that night as John gets in the car with his friends after a few hours of drinking, everything seems to be going well as they are driving down the freeway on their way over to his friend Dan’s house that is just a few milesRead MoreThe Legal Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered988 Words   |  4 PagesThe Legal Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered There are copious amounts of people who believe that the legal drinking age should be lowered to eighteen. Others think the drinking age needs to remain the same. A few of those also conclude the legal age of adulthood should be raised to 21. The belief is if the adolescent brain has not matured enough to support alcohol use by age 21, it cannot make the responsible decisions required at 18 years of age. Voters should make the decision toRead MoreThe Legal Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered1117 Words   |  5 Pagesto the legal age of alcohol consumption have been going on for many years. While some feel that 21 should remain as the legal minimum consumption age, others disagree. By examining different aspects of alcohol consumption such as social motives and health related concerns one is more able to fully grasp the role that alcohol plays in our society. Through research and analyzation one can come to the conclusion that a lowered legal drinking age is not the answe r. The legal drinking age should not beRead MoreThe Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered Essay1548 Words   |  7 PagesIn the United States, the legal drinking age is twenty-one. In all fifty states, however, there are exceptions for underaged drinking at home, under adult supervision, or for medical purposes (â€Å"Drinking Age†). Overall, the legal opportunities for any person under twenty-one to legally drink alcohol are very scarce. There are many different points, made by people from both sides of the issue about whether or not to lower the drinking age to eighteen, or leave it where it currently stands at twenty-oneRead MoreThe Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered1481 Words   |  6 Pagesthe century, underage drinking happens every day in the United States and for some this might seem unacceptable but for most this is all because an unfair law put up by the government. The legal drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18 because, among other things; 18 is the age of adulthood in America and adults should have the right to make their own decisions, also traffic accidents and fatalities are most common among newly-legal drinkers regardless of their drinking age; and, this law has notRead MoreLegal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered2099 Words   |  9 Pages friends, and the feeling of being invincible. Although there are a legal alcohol drinking and purchasing age in various countries, it is easily accessible to those who are underage. Alcohol is a monitored and controlled substance that can be purchased legally, yet there are many concerns that surround the substance. There are pros, cons, and different patterns regarding alcohol and the legal alcohol drinking and purchasing age. As a result of alcohol use, there have been many fatalities and injuriesRead MoreShould the Legal Drinking Age Be Lowered?2541 Words   |  11 Pagesabysmal failure. It hasnt reduced or eliminated drinking. It has simply driven it underground, behind closed doors, int o the most risky and least manageable of settings,(Debate) said John McCardell of â€Å"Choose Responsibility†. Choose Responsibility is a non-profit organization that is for lowering the drinking age to 18. Young adults can vote, fight and die for their country overseas, and purchase tobacco at age 18, but why cannot they have a beer? Drinking among the youth in the United States has escalated